Factory Quality Control System.

Quality Strategy I Quality Team Setup I Audit Preparation

Quality 360 is the leading of  2nd or 3rd party Inspection service agency in Bangladesh. It works from every quarter on behalf of customer or importer to avoid risk and tension their product’s quality and details information ,technical audit as well factory quality control lay out set up to know on time information, We conduct as per below method according to client requirement. 

Quality control layout set up in the factory:

(Ware house to shipment):what to do?

Why would be done it?……………………………..

How to do it?………………………………….

Advantages on doing it?……………………….

Disadvantages on doing it?……………………….

Warehouse: Raw Material loading -unloading procedure, Quarantine system, C-TPAT procedure maintain, All Fabrics, Yarns, Trims and Accessories well organize and best guideline, Humidity and temperature control system, Material control system, Data entry system log maintain, BIN Card and Monitoring board maintain system, Insect/Pest control system, Safety and Security system, All relevant reporting and compliance issues maintain. Adequate light sourcing through LUX meter.                                                                                                           

Trims and Accessories: Trims and Accessories packing list and Invoice card review, Random Sample collection as per AQL (Acceptable Quality Level), Suppliers KPI (Key Performance Indicator) collection, Suppliers Score Card preparation, Supplier lab testing report collection, Color continuity system, Component matching with approved swatch card, Quality visual inspection, Functional test, In-house lab testing, Proper light source through LUX Meter. Data Entry System log book, Barcode verification, (Red/Yellow/Green card tagging, Final report preparation, Rejection room’s log book maintaining system for isolation.

Fabric Inspection: Fabric’s Packing list and invoice card review. Specimen pieces collection , Fabric matching with Swatch Card, Suppliers KPI (Key Performance Indicator) collection, Eye tested certified Inspector setting, Random Sample selection as per AQL(Acceptable Quality level)Fabric inspection report, Supplier Lab testing report collection, Suppliers Score Card preparation, Fabric visual Inspection procedure, Defects analysis and 4(Four) points method calculation, Customer wise Light  Box’s light use for color assessment through Lux meter, Color continuity system, Shade segregation assessment, Shade band/Blanket making, Shrinkage testing, Bow skew test ,GSM(Gram Square Meter) testing, Fabric density and composition testing, All equipment and machine calibration ,(Red/ Yellow / Green card tagging, Final Report preparation, Rejection room’s log book maintaining system for isolation.

Cutting Section: Cutting Standard operation procedure(SOP) in place, Adequate procedure for each type of fabric before cutting, Cutting Instruction sheet, Fabric relaxation procedure, Spreading and tension process, Spreading methodology, Ratio maintaining, Work in-process balance between cutting and production output, Size set, Pre Production and Pilot run procedure, End bite control system, Numbering and bundling systems. Bulk cut inventory system, Machines and Equipment calibration and certification review, Routine preventive maintenance policy Safety assessment, Sharp tools control log, Bulk Pattern and Marker accuracy. Cutting and Pattern accuracy, parts/panel check and replacement procedure, Defects analysis, cutting bundle color wise racking, BIN Card maintaining, Adequate lighting as requirement, All Record and report preparation. SOP Board hanging converted into local language in front of operators and quality controllers to easy understanding.

Fusing: Standard operation procedure in place, Routine maintenance policy with records. Fusing /Heat seal procedure, Fusing machine routine temperature, pressure and time calibration by Thermo paper stripes and other devices. Calibration certificate validity review, Pull bond strength test, Fusing attaching quality check. Fused fabric wash test, Data sheet collection from fabric supplier to follow, Fabric shrinkage testing. Report preparation.                

Sample Development: Housekeeping and well organized and clean, Fabric keeping, BIN card maintaining, Metal detection, Equipment maintain procedure, Needle change control log, sharp tools log maintaining, Mannequin (Dummy) fitting review, Fabric relaxation system, Cad system and Plotter using ,Plotter accuracy, Proto Sample, Salesman Sample, QRS, Fit, PPS/Gold tag/Green tag, Fair Displaying Sample, Mock up etc review and construction matching, Design development, Pattern accuracy, fitting accuracy, Marker checking, Consumption calculation for product merchandise, time management, Sample review and report preparation.

Sewing section: Facilities  own Standard Operation Procedure(SOP) in place, Production floor well organized and clean, ,line balancing, line alignment, Operator movement space, Operator health & safety assessment ,Machines and Equipment setting, Electric Cable wearing, Sewing Iron setting and safety hazards , Sharp tools/Equipment control system , Machines maintenance and servicing card , All Reporting review, QC Inspection table setting, Approved sample’s sealing-expired date, Fit Comments, All necessary follow up document in-hand, Stitch Per Inch (SPI) control, Operation wise Process Sample Mock hanging in-front of operator to continue follow. Operator Approved trim card, Size set making procedure, Approved Grading Paper, Approved Sewing Pattern, Before wash and after wash assessment, Pre-Production meeting procedure, Pilot run meeting procedure. light sourcing system, LUX test, Needle control procedure, Metal detection system, Red Box and register maintaining, Fabric wise needle selection, Work in progress at bottleneck, Oil leakage control procedure, Process marking systems. equipment assessment, Process quality control system (Traffic light quality control system) by roving qc, How to control quality like as puckering, twisting, Process wise measurement Workmanship processing system, Label mistake controlling, On-site industrial engineering activities, Visual check system, How to measuring, Shade maintaining procedure, Defective parts replacement system. Output pass or repairable/non-conformity, Defects corrective action plan by Supervisor, Production risk assessment, Defects analysis through Pie chart/flow diagram, Corrective action through Pareto Chart/Fish bone format, Metal detection system, new employee/operators/qcs training and system? Pest controlling, Excess thread wiper/Air blower, Garment Lab testing, KPI (Key Performance Indicator), Different Mock up hanging, Best practices, Compliance practices, Lean Management program practices, 5S practices, (CAP) Corrective action plan preparation system, Production Board set up, SOP Board hanging converted into local language in-front of sewing line operators and quality controllers to easy understand.

 Embroidery: Well Organized housekeeping, Machines calibration certification review, Machine maintenance and servicing system, Needle control process, Quality control system, Defective Parts/Panel repair and replacement policy, Embroidery backing properly trimmed off, Metal Detection, Sufficient light source, Pattern accuracy, Mock-up/Sample follow up, Technical Work sheet maintain. Defects analysis, Report preparation.

Screen printing: Floor housekeeping well organized, Chemical storing control organize, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) maintain, Chemical testing for skin touch issue, Quality control system, non-conformity/Repairing system. Lab testing, Operator health safety assessment, Mock- up and sample maintain, Pattern follow up system, Report preparation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Washing plant/On-Site Garment Laundry: Facilities own Standard Operation Procedure(SOP) in place. Well organize housekeeping, Adequate machine maintained, Laundry methods, All Machine and Equipment calibration, Maintenance and servicing data maintaining,   Approved shade band. Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS), Qualified technician & chemist, light source level, light box’s light according to customer wise. (RPM) Rotation per minute checking record, Datapaq temperature and infra-Red temperature checking device for Oven dryer system, Actual laundry formula and Recipe follow up, Effluent treatment policy, Water test and treatment facility, Proper pattern accuracy for dry process, Eliminates shade variance and defective units. Operator health Safety maintain, Eye tested qualified operator and qc set up, Before wash garment measuring and after wash garment measuring for measurement control. Visual check and reporting , Shade and hand feel control according to approved shade band. Report Preparation. SOP Board hanging converted into local language in-front of washing floor operators and quality controllers to easy understand.   

In-house lab: Is Fully equipped with trained technician? IsLab certified by USA based 3rd party Agency? All equipments calibration. testing procedure maintaining and record. Product evaluation by visual analysis etc   

Finishing section: Production floor infrastructure well organized and clean ,Shade check procedure ,Proper Thread trimming, Loose thread control by sucker machine, WIP Level, Button pin setting, Button attaching testing procedure, Button fastening, Air pressure check procedure, Button pull test, Garment lab testing, Inside and Outside inspection procedure,  Pressing equipment, pressing template and ironing control  procedure, Machinery and boiler machine calibration, machine maintenance card check, Visual quality check, Key Points Measurement, light source according to LUX meter, Get up check, Metal detection procedure, Needle control log, Red Box and Register maintaining, Operator health safety check, Spot removing control and remover  safety procedure, MSDS procedure at Spot removing room, Pest control, Electronics QC Pass Sticker system, Shade segregator eye/hue  test by 3rd party lab, Moisture control procedure, Packing Accuracy, Shade segregation procedure, folding and packaging  system, Barcode scanning and verification, Good’s carton dimension and weight check, Partial finished goods inline conduction procedure, Carton compliance Audit ,Factory in-house Pre-Final Audit Procedure. Final Audit procedure. All Reporting review, Disposal of non–conforming goods and materials. Defects analysis and defects % pie chart making, Reject goods control system, SOP Board hanging at finishing floor converted into local language in-front of operators and quality controllers to easy understand.

Final inspection: Packing information review with PO Sheet, Carton label information check,  Barcode verification, Random carton selection, weight and dimension  check, moisture check,  quantity counting, Insect or foreign metal check, shade review, trims  matching, styling check, swatch card matching, fitting check, All  relevant document file up as evidence, Measuring, Visual check, Defects classification on findings, Result declaration for re- screening (If goods result is fail).If result is pass then will be shipped out. 

                                                                         ———The Ends———-