Quality Inspection Services

Pre-Shipment Inspection I Initial Product’s Processing Check I During Production Audit I

Unannounced Audit.

Introduction: Quality 360 is the leading of  2nd or 3rd party Inspection service agency in Bangladesh. It works from every quarter on behalf of customer or importer to avoid risk and tension their product’s quality and details information ,technical audit as well factory quality control lay out set up to know on time information, We conduct as per below method according to client requirement. 

What is Pre–Shipment Inspection(PSI): Pre-Shipment inspection means getting  forecast of any products details information like as quality, quantity, styling, trimming, packaging etc, which is verified and highlighted by  2nd or 3rd party Auditor according to customer or importer’s  requirements before shipment by supplier. Pre-Shipment Inspection is prior details status of any products whose are 100% or 80% ready of manufactured in the supplier ground to be shipped for customer.

Customer needs to know, are there any quality, quantity and others issues of their ready  goods? might be arise any market issues at the selling time? If arise any consumer complain it might be brand damage. to be reconfirm their goods quality standard.so that importer /customer is satisfied of receiving goods of quality and quantity in the sale contract.

Quality 360’s Inspector’s duty in Pre–Shipment Inspection(PSI) : Physically products details checks and highlights to review for customer or importer satisfactory as a 2nd or 3rd party.

 Quality 360 team conduct a careful review of the set criteria and industry standards to plan the inspection. according to the plan, the team conduct physical inspection in the factory where randomly selected products are thoroughly checked with “zero tolerance’ principle. Customer is provided with a comprehensive and ‘easy to follow’ report highlighting the various outcome of the inspection with ‘PASS’ or ‘FAIL’ remarks where customer advises that eases the decision making for the customer. The team also come up with a recommendation for the factory stating the ‘area of improvement’ that helps factories to practice continues improvement in the production process. After completed the all inspection procedure, Auditor will highlight and submit an inspection details report  on all findings, preserve supporting documents, evidence and seal those findings for customer/importer reviewing (if needed).Our inspector will share guideline to take corrective action and resolving them.

The following points are conducted:

·  Packing list summary details review with purchase order sheet.

·  Approved Sample, Shade Approval, Swatch Card, Technical sheet etc. Date validity and Seal chopping review.

·  Final Fit Comments and others follow up documents review.

·  Lab testing Report review.

·  All documentary evidence collection. 

·  Carton Compliance and Random selection as per AQL.

·  Carton Dimension and weight measuring.

·  Carton Label Barcode verification by scanning.

·  Moisture checking by Aqua boy.

·  Random goods selection according to AQL.

·  Shade matching by approved Sample and grading Gray Scale.

·  Fitting check by Mannequin(Dummy).

·  Button, Shank, Snap, Rivet and others pull testing and Functional check.

·  Metal Detection check.

·  Price Tickets and poly stickers Barcode verification by scanning.

·  Product’s styling, trims & accessories, packing accuracy, folding etc. checking.

·  Key points measuring (as customer/Client requirement).

·  Visual /Workmanship check like as clockwise.

· Defects Classification on findings and declaration to supplier / Fty management for acknowledgement.

· Defect’s sealing and Image preserve as evidence for customers /clients reviewing. (If Required) 

·  Report Preparation and submission to Customers/clients on time.

What is Initial Production Check (IPC)?: Initial Production check or inspection means very beginning stage of the production like as First Production, Pre-Production and Pilot run Production etc.                                                                                                                                       At Initial production inspection, Inspector identifies and highlights the product’s quality problems raw materials, trims, accessories, styling, fittings, functional and safety issues, workmanship, measurement, get up even production holding at the bottleneck, shipment delaying etc to customer and supplier. On the problem findings, Supplier can take corrective action to improve product’s quality standard to be meet on time delivery. Customer /Importer will be benefitted due to prior informing of their goods quality and maintaining on time shipment.

Quality360’s Inspector’s job in Initial Production Check (IPC)          Quality360  conducts/checks physically and highlights Initial products running to review for customer and importer satisfactory. The team inspect into the raw materials, trims, accessories, styling, fittings, functional and safety issues, workmanship, measurement and overall outlook of the product as a whole. Upon the inspection, the team come up with inspection report that provides overall product status to begin the bulk production and the area of improvements to be taken care by the factory. and also conduct the below points.

·  Pre-Production Meeting conduction.

·  Size set review and corrective suggestion.

·  fitting testing. ·  lab test review.

·  First Output Product’s review and highlight all findings.

·  Analysis risk of the products.

·  Pilot run conduction and suggest to proceed bulk production.

·  Running Production Quality, Workmanship, Measurement, Functional and Safety issues highlight.

·  Physical Production current status sharing to client to meet on time Shipment.

 .  Overall details reporting to client/customer.

During Production Inspection (DURPO): DURPO means quality control on production running and in continuous process way. Near about 20% to 50% productions are completed then might be DURPO Audit to know quality status of the products .During the inspection, Inspector can identify any deviation and put up solution guide line to maintain quality standard as well high light all findings details to Clients and Supplier. As a result customer or importer will be great benefitted to avoid potential risk and assured about their goods.

Qality360’s Inspector’s duty in During Production Inspection (DURPO): Our Auditors conducts/checks DURPO Audit to identify and highlight any deviation of products to customer or importer and resolvable guideline as well pre-scheduled and/or surprise inspection as per the requirement of the customer to identify and highlight any deviation raw materials, trims, accessories, styling, fittings, functional and safety issues, workmanship, measurement of materials, packaging material, production status, production line evaluation, time verification, random sampling of semi-finished and finished goods, packaging material, overall assessment.

The DURPO follows with a details report containing the deviation if any including recommendation to improve the quality to ensure smooth shipment with expected quality. Specially the below points:

· overall current status and information collecting for client/customer.

· Inline conduction of partial ready goods.

· Pre Final conduction before final offer.

                                         Unannounced Audit  

What is Unannounced Audit?: Unannounced audit is a special  audit which does not announce the date and time to manufacturer. That means Client or Customer will notify for the some specific Style/PO/Lot to the 3rd party inspection services agency to sudden conduct without prior notice to manufacturer or supplier, so that manufacturer or supplier can’t realize arriving of 3rd party inspection team. As a result, Clients or Customers can aware their current product’s real quality condition, production status and overall scenario through 3rd party inspection services team.

Quality 360 team will go on the sites to be audited and proceed to the audit. and inform to the factory local management about announce audit on behalf of customer or client with all details documents.

This type of sudden unannounced audit practices may help to control quality of products and SOP maintaining for client or customer business partner whose will be always alerted to be the best practices of their product’s qualitative manufacturing.